NewLeaf Home Medical TV Interview Segment on Modern Living with kathy ireland

NewLeaf Home Medical TV Interview Segment on Modern Living with kathy ireland

Posted by NewLeaf Staff on May 15, 2016

NewLeaf Home Medical TV Interview On Modern Living with Kathy Ireland

Click Above to Watch, a national medical supply store and provider of quality and affordable home care solutions, was featured on Modern Living with kathy ireland. During the segment, Kathy Ireland interviewed Zane lewis, President and co-owner of NewLeaf Health about their customer-centric approach to the medical supplies and home medical equipment market.

Zane Lewis began the segment by discussing why seniors prefer to age at home. He said, "It's not surprising that 90 percent of Americans aged 65 and older prefer to age in the home. Just like you and me, they like to maintain control of their lives and with that comes the surroundings and familiarity and the routines that they are used to. It really boils down to being comfortable in their situation and being safe but also just being in control of their lives. They are fiercely independent and they want to remain that way."

He continued by talking about how NewLeaf Home Medical allows people to do this in a supportive and cost effective way. He said, " is a retail site. We offer more than 12,000 medical products and supplies. A wide variety of just about any product you could think of to help someone stay in the home."

The Vice President of Programming, JL Haber, was quoted stating, "Keeping independence as we get older can become difficult if you do not have the right items. has provided an easy way to shop for these items."

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