Clinical Recliners & Infusion Chairs

Clinical Recliners & Infusion Chairs

NewLeaf is your one-stop source for Clinical Recliners, Infusion Chairs, Dialysis Chairs, and more for use in Chemotherapy treatment and Oncology, Patient Room, Same-day Surgery and Long Term Care environments. Functionality, durability and comfort are key. And, NewLeaf Home Medical offers only the best models from the top brands like Drive Medical, DynarexInvacare, Lumex and Winco... All at unbeatable prices. Need multiple units for your practice? Call our Professional Accounts team at 888.739.4330 to request a custom quote, or click > to message your request.


We have provided convenient "Functionality" details listed on each product page to help you find the right models to fit your unique needs. Information like the number of Positions (ex. 4-Position, Infinite, or Trendelenburg), Occupant and Caregiver Controls, and Table Configuration, which are likely to be important considerations in your buying decision, can all be found in the "Functionality" section. Additionally, consider the recliner's Casters. For example, Four Swivel Caster (360 degrees rotation) models are the easiest to maneuver in confined space environments. These models are able to "turn on a a dime," so to speak. Models with Fixed Casters (typically on the front) will point forward at all times, while Swivel Casters (usually on the back) make "steering" possible when moving the recliner. The caregiver will be able to maneuver the chair forward and backward to precisely turn in confined space.

Shopping for a Geri Chair Recliner or Powered Lift Recliner? Click either link to reveal a wide range of models to suit all use needs and tastes at amazing prices.


As with any product NewLeaf Home Medical offers, we have a team of devoted and compassionate advisors available to help you by providing answers and guidance based on your specific needs. So please do not hesitate to call us at 888.739.4330 for help.

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