How to Measure for a Cane

Posted by NewLeaf Staff on Apr 17, 2018

How to Measure for a Cane

Identifying the correct length for your cane height is incredibly important. Too long? You’ll find yourself having to grip harder to hold it, and work harder to move with it. Too short? You will very likely list to one side or the other, which cause you to be off-balance and at risk of a fall. And while many of today’s aluminum canes are adjustable to accommodate almost any user’s height, not all of them offer that adaptability. So follow the simple steps below to be sure that the cane you select is the perfect height for YOU.

Step 1

Locate a tape measure to make it easy to determine the correct cane length you will need to assure the perfect height that best suits you. 

Step 2

Be sure that you’re wearing shoes that you typically use at the time your measurement is recorded. You may be surprised how much a simple pair of sneakers can add to your overall height.

Step 3

Let your arm hang loosely and straight down to your side, and have someone measure the distance from the crease in your wrist to the floor. This measurement should be the ideal length for you, and roughly equal to the distance from the palm of your hand to the floor if you were to comfortable bend your elbow at an optimal 15 to 20 degree angle as if you were holding your cane. 

Final Tip

If the option is available, select a cane that is adjustable at least one inch higher and one inch lower than your actual measurement so you will be able to adjust the height as necessary.

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