Stand Assist and Sit To Stand Patient Lifts

Stand Assist and Sit To Stand Patient Lifts

Stand Assist Lifts (non-powered) and Sit to Stand Lifts (powered) are designed to provide quick, safe and easy sit to stand transfer assistance for those who have trouble standing. This type of lift is recommended for seniors or patients with limited mobility and require a stand assist patient transport device to enable patient transfers or transport. They are also a great benefit to protecting caregivers from strain and injury when assisting patients from their bed, chair or other seated position.


NewLeaf Home Medical carries a dedicated line of Stand Assist and Sit to Stand Lifts that includes the popular Lumex Stand Assist LF1600, Protekt Dash Stand Assist with Expandable Base 32500, Lumex Easy Lift STS Sit-to-Stand LF2020 and Lumex Bariatric Easy Lift STS LF2090 models, and Protekt 500 Stand Powered Sit-To-Stand Lift 34500. Users put both of their feet on the platform, and use a special pad to position their knees. Caregivers need not lift their patients to a full upright position in order to transfer them to another location. This equipment saves both the patients and the people caring for them as this type of lift prevents injury on both sides.


All Stand Assist and Sit to Stand Lifts are built with extra-wide and non-skid foot plates to provide maximum security and protection for the patients. These lifts offer assistance to any individuals who would want the convenience to use the toilet or the shower. These lifts are also recommended for assisting patients in recovery or undergoing muscle therapy and rehabilitation.

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